Anonymous asked: *drops off a warm gray and gold scarf with matching knit door-wing warmers* I made these for you, Bluestreak! I thought you might get cold now that it is getting close to fall and winter! Oh almost forgot! *adds tiny blue scarf for Bubbles with a matching tail bow*


Awww~ That was nice of them, wasn’t it Bubbles? You look so fancy in your scarf~ All ready for winter? Need a warm scarf if you’re going to sunbathe in the cold, huh?




I like how Natasha always cares about other people’s safety before hers.

Can the Man of Steel do that? No he can’t.

In other words where the hell is my Black Widow movie?

When HYDRA was in pursuit of her in the CATWS movie, I wondered why Nat kept running straight, when a zig zag pattern would have made her harder to hit. It just now occured to me, if she HAD ran in a zig zag pattern while surrounded by innocent pedestrians in DC, the Winter Soldier’s bullets could have hit any number of people. She had increased the chances of her getting shot just to make sure more people got away.

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Damn right she’s building robots in there, she’s a cybernetics genius, she’s running Danger’s restoration program at age 22. If the stuff on her desk isn’t jaeger-related she’s probably making incredibly advanced little machines out of old spare parts just to like relax and unwind after a long day


# ok but mako? would go super hard at it   # can you imagine after pitfall their entire romance would blossom around raleigh presenting her with interesting spare parts   # they’d be sitting in her room together with mako tinkering at her desk and raleigh in bed reading   # and at some point mako gives a long frustrated sigh and raleigh immediately perks up   # what is it my sun-and-stars what aspect of your work is less than perfectly satisfying how can i help   # and mako just smiles a little and says oh it’s alright   # just that this could be improved so much if i had a thingy   # raleigh takes precisely 3.27 minutes to avoid suspicion before he sprints out of the room   # and runs down to where alison is now overseeing maintenance   # DO YOU HAVE A THINGY says raleigh   # no? says alison   # OK BUT CAN YOU GET ONE says raleigh   # yee-es says alison at length. but it’ll be hard. thingies don’t grow on trees you know   # WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR IT says raleigh   # alison smiles a slow feline smile   # earlier that evening newt had come down to maintenance with a bad case of mouth diarrhea and a distraught hermann in his wake   # for god’s sake hermann had begged. i will pay you anything just give him a thingy or i swear i will murder him.   # alison has seen the future   # it is bright and includes her running a thingy mafia

"a thingy mafia"

oh gods both big and small i am slain

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Holy shit monkeys. Phenomenal animation and a song by Imagine Dragons?!

How can I not reblog this. Good job Riot!

i don’t even play League of Legends but HOLY CRAP TTHAT WAS COOL! *O*

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There it is. I totally forgot about this. Here’s a clip of Transformers Prime in Finnish where you can hear Team Prime speaking.

pls prepare yourself mentally for Optimus at 0:35.

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If we don’t get at least one episode featuring awkward jerkass uncle Megatron in RID then what’s even the point?

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Transformers - Concept Art

Artist: Zhichao Cai

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5 months later and i’m still questioning the fact he used a fucking ice cream scoop and not a normal spoon






mark you doofimage

The answer is quite simple; I did not own a spoon.

Mark.. Please explain why you didn’t own a spoon. Aren’t you like at least semi-rich?

You have a treadmill and several types of recording equipment how can you not have a SPOON. What do you eat cereal with??

Wow, you guys missed out on a real gem, huh?



The thrilling finale.


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Stil no comic. Wondering if I shouldn’t just suck it up and pay the extra money at a different shop.